Petite Republic Giveaway – Choir Girl Dress!

I am pretty anxious to get rid of stuff I dont use ever since the start of our remodel/spring cleaning. So here it is, a linen dress I made back when I first started sewing. I must admit, the zipper insertion on this dress is a little weird, and I did neglect to pre-wash the fabic before I started the project. Since my fiance refused to show his face out the door with me in this dress fearing that he would be arrested for dating an underage-looking girl, I have never ever worn/washed it (so it might shrink a little when you wash it).

Now all the warnings had been issued, I do love this dress 🙂 I think it might had been featured on a school magazine somewhere in Britian, since some person had asked me for a high resolution photo (but never sent me their magazine, pfft!!). The dress reminds me a little of Maryy‘s style, but I just cant pull off that look without looking like a 15 year old.

Boob requirement: bust 32 inches or less — I am 33 (34 on a good day)  and this is too tight on the bust when I squeezed my twins in

Height requirement: decently short? Though this will work as a tunic with black tights and cute Mary Janes on any skinny girls!

If you want it (or even want it for your daughter or someone else), just leave me a comment and I will semi-randomly choose someone a week from now on (you will be emailed if you are the winnaaaar).

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