White for Maui

A while back, I decided to only wear white during our honeymoon- but I only have 2 white dresses! So I took a break from wedding planning and made a white dress for the honeymoon.

I was inspired to put a cute collar around the bust when I saw Vivat’s post, where she had  a picture of  a cute dress by Shaine Mote. I drafted the pattern for this dress myself, deriving from the bodice I drafted a few weeks ago. It is not perfect — the front of the bust gaps away from my chest a little, but the waist piece+top piece provides a really nice support for my boobs, so it doesnt bother me too much. The dress is made from cute swiss dot cotton, bodice is fully lined, and the hem is basically a folded bias stripe sewn to the bottom of the skirt (also cut on bias).

I just love this dress, dont you? At some point I want to digitalize this pattern (only one size – B34, W26) on burdastyle, but I dont have a scanner and I would be pretty busy for a while 😦 Making this dress involved a lot of experimentations late at night, so I didnt take any how-to photos. When I am back from all the busy-ness, I plan to make another plaid version, and I will make a how-to on the collar at least, because the bodice could be easily derived from other dress patterns like newlook 6589.

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