Petite Republic Giveaway – purple coffee date dress

Ok, maybe one more giveaway before my wedding! This one I might not have time to ship until a few weeks later, but I’ll see if anyone wants it. As previously posted, if you want the dress, leave a comment here, and agree that if you win, you will pick a seamstress on Kiva who needs a loan and give a small loan to her, in exchange for having this coffee date dress for free! πŸ™‚

Mistakes when I made this dress:

  • I printed the pattern way too small, so you probably need to have a chest of around 30 to wear this!
  • I am totally a cotton and linen girl, yet I was seduced by this cool purple polyester that has a faded effect. It looks cool but its shininess not for me.


  • chest: 30″
  • would make a loan to a fellow seamstress in need!

Anyway! I hope someone likes this dress! If there are more than 1 person who wants it, I will randomly pick a person on the 28th. If not, you can still leave a comment to win!

p.s. Look at Jasmine in my choir girl dress! She looks adorable!

3 responses to “Petite Republic Giveaway – purple coffee date dress

  • Jasmine

    i absolutely love the dress and it fit perfect. length was perfect too. thank youa gain! ❀

    p.s. that purple dress is gorgeous :]

  • Im back and a Giveaway (no strings attached)! « Petite Republic

    […] Anyway, the last giveaway wasnt too successful, not sure if its because of my extra requirements or ridiculously small size. So I have decided, I will give it away as long as you enter a comment, theres no need to go to kiva and make a loan — just consider it sometimes in the future. If you can fit the purple dress and still would like it, go ahead and leave a comment there! […]

  • weeza

    I would love the dress and am pretty miniscule so it might fit! I’m happy to pay shipping (I’m in the UK) and I can also do the loan thingy πŸ™‚

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