Semi-DIY wedding: Ring Pillows

I made a ring pillow yesterday! It seems like wedding crafts never ends! I keep on finding stuff I could do. This time I decided to make a ring pillow out of stuff I had around my sewing room (last minute sewing). So some scrapes from my white Maui dress, a random button, and a red ribbon later, I got a ring pillow!

You can imagine how easy it is to make — sew a square together, leave about an inch or two so that you can turn the square over. Stuff it with cotton or poly-fill. Then use a thick thread (or multiple threads together in a big needle) to sew a button and the ribbons in place in the center of the pillow. Tada! It took me less than 2 hours!

This is how the back looks like:

I really like how mine looks — not shiny, very organic and light. My almost-husband loves it, he thinks we are more like “peasants”, so this is perfect! πŸ˜›

Of course, there are much more pretty pillows out there, check etsy for inspirations:

Surprisingly, they are all sold at a very reasonable price! Definitely beats the one for 20 bucks from Michaels!

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