Sincerely Vivat Veritas

If you had seen my post earlier, you will know that I am a big Vivat fan, especially her backless dresses. My last attempt to copy her dress turned out very cute, but I realized that she had used two pieces on each side in the back, while I only had one, resulting in a much smaller back hole. Being competitive and all, I swore i must make another dress that has a cut out just as big as hers, if not bigger. So here it is:

The fabric is from my my unplanned fabric shop hop i conducted on my honeymoon. Its pure cotton, has a very light, but crisp texture, and doesn’t wrinkle much. I was so worried that it might act like a quilting fabric, but luckily, it is very good for a sundress.

I made the straps thinner, interfaced the upper bodice, made sure that the middle horizontal stripe doest have any white snail patterns on it (yes, its snails!). Each pieces except the skirt was cut out twice and sewn against each other and turned inside out so that the seams along the neck, the sleeves, and the cutout is perfectly nice. Of course, I made all the pieces as thin as possible, so it was quite difficult to turn them inside out!

I really love it! The purple and white pattern makes me so very happy! But my husband think this is a 5.5 out of a 10 (he doesnt like the front). What do you think?

Now that you had seen the photos of my desperately weedy backyard,  here is a picture of the blooming dahlia from my garden! Isnt it sooo pretty?

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