Son of a Monkey…

I was looking for a pattern in Burda magazine to decide what dress to make next. Given that the petite fit for my last dress was so on the dot, I decided to go ahead and highlight all the petite patterns in my magazine. On my last magazine, guess what I find:

Does this look familiar? Doesnt this look my Dart Dress Fail Dress I tried to make just a few weeks back?

Same low back,  a lot less dart, easier to fit, and PETITE!!! I can’t believe I used the more complicated pattern for this! For all you other petite ladies out there, this is dress 116 from 2009/10 issue.

6 responses to “Son of a Monkey…

  • seemane

    That is a pretty (& classic) dress is it Dress Style 116 (picture: link of picture) please?

    It’s a pity that a) I’m a borderline “Plus” size + b) I never bought the 10/2009 (October) issue of BurdaStyle Magazine, but it would look great on your figure 🙂

    • juebejue

      woo! yes! that is the one, I couldnt find a good picture of it when i was searching for that. I hope to make one sometimes too! dont you wish that its easier to grade patterns for all sizes and they have ALL sizes for all the patterns?

  • Dora

    Frack me, it’s perfect! It’s exactly the cocktail dress I’ve been looking for! But I don’t have that issue of Burda, nor do they seem to have the pattern online. The universe is teasing me 😦

    • juebejue

      aww, if you cant find it, I can mail you that part of the pattern, and after you are done tracing off the pattern, you can mail it back to me!

      p.s. i love bsg! 🙂

      • Dora

        Thanks, that’s a generous offer! I hope I won’t have to take you up on it — I found the issue scanned online and they scanned even the pattern sheets. Let’s see if I can print it in the right size.

  • Dora

    P.S. I started making the Dart Dress from Burda 02/10, but I don’t like the way it’s constructed and the neckline is much less pretty.

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