Picnic by the Sea Dress

Thanks you readers for your plenty of inputs on the last post, your plenty of love for fabric # 3 made me feel a lot better about the impulse purchase last year, perhaps I will make a coat out of it, as it IS very soft, supple, and thick. Thanks a BUNCH to Lin3arossa for finding me this beautiful coat, made from the same huge houndstooth fabric (I would still like a darker color for contrast). I am still a little apprehensive about the fullness of the coat, after I had seen the coat from more angles. I think it looks beautiful on her, but I am not sure if my small figure would disappear in that coat. I am still gonna to bug her on that fabric though 🙂

On to still quite summery stuff –I made a dress from a vogue pattern!

When I first started sewing, I had never been interested in Vogue pattern, thinking that they were a little… matron-y. The girls modeling the clothing are generally older and the pricing were higher. I had forgotten about Vogue ever since burdastyle and BWOF, until I came across Erica B’s DIY Style. She uses so many Vogue patterns and made some beautiful clothing out of it, and she made me want to sew quite a few Vogue patterns. My first one: V1158:

Can you believe that their retail “regular” price is $30?? Does ANYONE buy a pattern at 30 dollars? I waited until the 4 dollar sale at Joans and snatched it up, along with a vintage Vogue pattern to make a vintage dress next. I also felt the softest striped linen at Hancock fabric the same week, and a shameless rendition of V1158 was born:

I love it! I think I did a better job at matching the front and back seams than the one on the pattern, by using selfish seamstresses’s plaid matching method here. I didnt try to match up the side, but they  look fine to me even though they are slightly off. I also know that I am no good at inserting zippers to the side of the bodice, so I moved the zipper to the back. To adjust for my height, I took in the shoulder seam by a huge amount, probably 1-2 inches. The dress also came with quite some ease, so I took in the sides by half a inch or so as well.

lining for the dress

inside the dress

I did forget to get lining for this dress, so I just cut up one of the old blue bedsheets in my stack. I actually really like how it looked and was tempted to make the lining an entirely separate dress. But I couldn’t wait to buy lining to finish the dress! Together with the soft linen, this dress is a little thick at the seams, but is probably one of the most soft and comfortable dress I have!

Did I mention that this whole dress, except for the zipper and the sergering (believe, the linen fabric NEEDED sergering), this dress is sewn using my beloved singer 201. It was a pleasure to sew on it! I never had to change the bobbin due to a stuck thread at all, unlike my Brothers. Sorry Brother! Singer201 wins at straight stitch!

Its soft, breathy, drapy, heavy, and the color palette reminds me of a picnic by the sea. Perhaps I will wear it to the sea this summer, lets hope for the Indian summer!

17 responses to “Picnic by the Sea Dress

  • lin3arossa

    You’re welcome, my dear 🙂 Your dress is lovely. I always wait for Vogue’s online sale, even though the overseas shipping fees are high, it’s worth it.

  • Elle C

    Beautiful dress! You are right, you did a fantastic job of matching stripes, better than the pattern envelope. You look great in your new dress!

  • KM

    Love it on you! I can see it being soft and flowy too. And it has a tie at the front! =)

  • CGCouture

    It turned out beautifully! 🙂 It’s so cool that you used your old Singer to sew it up too, I’m glad that you got it up and running now. 🙂 I do have a question though–are the little “modesty panel” looking things in the underarm part of the design or did you add those in?

    • juebejue

      Thank you! sewing without the bobbin cover got annoying since the thread keeps catching the fabric, so i reversed the bobbin plate to get the protruding part out of the bobbin area, and that worked! since i didnt have to change bobbin except to add more thread, this works!

      it is part of the design! you cant see it on the envelop, you you can see a little patch on the side of the arm hole on the technical drawing, that is what this is!

  • Angela

    This is too cute! Hehe.. I love Vogue patterns… especially the newer designer ones and I definitely buy them when they’re on sale for $3.99.

  • Beth (SunnyGal Studio)

    SO CUTE ! That looks great, and yes you did a much better job on the stripe matching. Now that I look at the pattern photo – whew – how did they let that one out? Terrible matching on the front of their Vogue dress.
    Welcome to Vogue patterns – yes the photo models look a bit old but sometimes they have super interesting and highly technical patterns.
    and I have always thought they had better fit although these days Simplicity has really stepped up.
    Happy Singer Sewing ! (and I am hoping for Indian summer too!)

  • sulovessew

    wow, such a stunning piece. I never seem to have a good luck shopping for fabrics in either Hancock or JoAnn. Maybe i just don’t have the eyes for great fabrics. which hancock did you go to?

    • juebejue

      hahaha, i NEVER have good luck at joans, but they seem to have decent fall/winter fabric. Hancock had been better lately — i actually found real silk there. i go to the one near 87 and 85 (on blossom hill.

      if you go there in the evening time, perhaps we can bump into eachtoehr! 😀

  • Becky

    It looks great– very flattering, and I could definitely see it being worn on the beach! I like how you handled the stripes.

  • Ngoc

    I really like the fabric you chose! The back really is stunning and it’s a safe dress to wear around the office too. Yay for cool weather and no hot summer! 😛

  • lakaribane

    Great dress! And I had that same misconception about Vogue patterns but I’m starting to come around. I love the Tracy Reese designs and other designer patterns.

    Definitely worth waiting for a $3.99 (and willing shopper) to get them, $30 is insane! I’d rather buy several for that price.

    Hum, the only problem I have with your dress…is that I want one too, LOL!

  • PetiteAsianGirl

    You did a wonderful job on this dress…I don’t sew much but I’m scared to work with patterns in stripes for the matching reason. And what a funny idea to use old bedsheets. Maybe that’s why it’s extra comfy!

  • cherri

    That is amazingly beautiful! Your striped fabric is so lovely and the dress looks modern and young.

    I would buy that dress if I saw it in a store. It is gorgeous. Well done.

  • ashley akers

    Looks great! This is the only review I have seen online of this pattern. I’m wanting to make it but worried that the back V goes lower than my bra. I don’t want to invest in some pricey backless bra for one dress!

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