Juebejue’s favorite dress sneak peek

I just completed a 50s dress, and I just love it so much! After watching 3 seasons of Mad Men, I had officially caught the 50s fashion bug. So when I saw a vogue 50s pattern reproduction, I knew that I just had to have it.

Though my dress is complete, I am not ready todo an official photo shoot with it yet. I want to get some white gloves, a vintage hat, then get my husband an old looking vest with an old hat, and do a 50-style photo shoot! So I’ll just let you see what I am wearing underneath the dress — a petticoat!

I made it from some linen fabric in my stash that i was never going to use due to its stiffness, which turned out perfect for this project. I followed the tutorial from the lovely sugardale. She makes and wears so many beautiful vintage inspired pieces, I am quite jealous. She also does a lot of custom pieces on etsy for a really reasonable price.

Now, I just have one wonder — how does Asian women (in the US) style themselves in the 50s? My dress is quite the Betty Draper dress (or rather, the school teacher that Don Draper was cheating on with would wear), not very suitable with my usual straight haired look. Yet I cant imagine myself looking good with  blonds hair and bright red lipsticks. Perhaps you will have some insights!

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