Spartalie vs Spartan

I have the funniest bunch of coworkers. They loved my hat and had a lot of fun with it. The captain put the hat high above her cube and tells everyone about how I made an awesome Spartan hat for the team.  A week or so after the race, the captain found this in her cube:

The right side is the official logo, and someone had taken a picture of the captain wearing the hat, then created our own logo!

When my creations are so loved & mentioned, it makes me feel very appreciated and satisfied. This was definitely a few hours well spent, even though I wasnt sewing for myself!

2 responses to “Spartalie vs Spartan

  • KM

    Do you think they will ask you to make a hat every year and then start asking to making more and more thing for the company events? I hope not. It’d be hard to say no now that you did it for them once already.

    • juebejue

      hahaha, hence the “slippery slope”. luckily, we only have one logo that is “hat-able”. but well, i get the “can you make this for me” quite a lot and i’ve always been able to say no. i just get annoyed that i have to say no or that for some reason, people just really undervalue a seamstress’ time… when i cook/bake something good, i never hear “oh can you cook/bake that for me, and me only”, and cooking/baking takes so much less time!

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