White Winter Wool Skirt

Ok, more grey than white, but I wanted to use “W”s 🙂 I made a skirt from burda magazine 03/2009, skirt 105.

Ever since that skirt came out, I had always wanted to make one. I am a sucker for cool pockets. This magazine came with a really good tutorial on how to make this “couture pocket”. When the winter came, I decided that I need to start wearing skirts instead of pants or jeans to work, due to health reasons (unfortunately, I am very prone to UTI, so sitting in tight pants/jeans all day wasnt helping). So I got a nice wool mix from my local hancock and made this skirt.

Here is the details on the pocket:

Since its a winter skirt, it calls for a slippery lining with lace so that the wool doesnt cling onto my leggings on cold days:

Back side of the skirt:

It was a super easy skirt, with a pretty good fit. I used a size 36 for my increasingly enlarging butt area, (which had gotten from 33 to 35 :\ I need to exercise more! ), and I took it in about 1 inch. For the hem I took it in about 2 inches and it falls perfectly below my knee. I had marked the pattern lines onto fabric with a washable ink pen my friend gave me during the sewing party, which made sewing the pleats, pockets, and side invisible zipper extremely easy.

I love the skirt, it is very comfortable and versatile, very warm and chic. The length is perfect for the office and the A-line is perfect for a shortie. I wore this to the office 3 or 4 times already! Make one for yourself, if you have this issue of burda, you will not regret it!

ooh! and happy thanksgiving!! 😀

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