Goodbye 2010, hello 2011!

Post Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I want to thank you for being such awesome readers – I had not expected so many of you to follow my blog and so many of you graciously commented on my posts. Thank you!!!

2010 had been a pretty great year in terms of sewing. Counting all my creations since the beginning of the year, I had made almost 20 pieces of clothing, and 6-8 pieces of accessories.  I probably abandoned about 5 pieces of projects that was not documented. Out of the 20 completed pieces, I wear 18 of them almost regularly. This is a great ratio of pieces attempted : pieces completed : pieces worn (25:20:18)!!! I still remember that in the first year of my sewing career, i would have something like 40:20:2 ratio!

I am still trying to push myself to document more how-tos. Sometimes, in the heat of sewing, you just forget to take pictures! I am getting better and better at taking photos myself, so hopefully 2011 would bring more how-tos to this little blog!

hmm! I should mention my sewing related christmas gifts — a very generous gift certificate to my local Hancock store from my good friend Andi;  tons of fabric as my christmas gift from my hubby (Fabric review coming in the beginning of the year);  The Art of Manipulating Fabric from my less-evil-twin-sister:

I swear, she gives the best Christmas presents! Two years ago she and my hubby got me a subscription to the burda fashion magazine, last year she and another pair of friends got my screen printing kit, and this year, this awesome book! I think you should expect some summer dresses with interesting texture next year!

As always, my other sewing goal for next year is to get as many girls hooked onto sewing as possible. I think this year had been a great year in terms of that — I got at least 3 girls started on sewing, and one of them seems quite hooked! *evil snickers*.

Anyways, happy new year! Looking forward to a great 2011, keep sewing!

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