Cocoon Coat

As promised, we took some pictures of my new favorite coat! This is probably the most designed coat I have ever sewn — there were so many details, so much risks, but I loved the result!

This was my inspiration from modcloth — it actually has quite a different shape, since I made mine more fitted around the waist. I also changed the collar to a hoodie, the pleat in the back is a lot higher, the pocket is not a tab pocket, and the sleeves are pleated in at the edge to mimic the back.

This is how the back looks like, hoodie off:

Note the curves above the waist — that was hard to do!

Hoodie on:

The hoodie is traced off another coat. As you can see, the pleats in the back is a lot slimmer in my version.

Pleats on my sleeves that makes the cute bell shape:

My only slight complaint about my coat is that the flipping lapel is slightly too busy — mine is higher and bulkier than I would like:

But I was so proud of myself for figuring out how its done. I am not sure how the modcloth version is like, but the lapel is attached to the lining in mine:

Oh yes! 1 dollar lining from fabric mart 🙂 the wools is very light, so I chose to use this light lining as well. As usual, my lining skill improves a little bit every time I sew a coat. This time I even added a cute tag part where I embroidered my “brand” on there in a subtle manner:

By the way, I think I will attach a separate coating piece to the top of my lining for the neck area like this in my future coats! I used to directly attach lining to the collar/hoodie, which stresses the lining a little more than I’d like. This wasnt as hard as I thought it would be as I just sewed the half circle of coating material directly on top of the lining.

Anyway, here is the 1 botton closure:

And here is the roomy pocket!

Once again, this was heavily altered from basic McCall 5525, just like my purple coat. Unfortunately, the alteration for this coat was not very straight forward — I did a lot of draping and experimenting and alteration on the go. It was well worth the effort and I think this coat fits a petite like me much better than the modcloth version (besides, my material is better).  Now I just hope the coat doesnt get dirty too easily!!

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