Delicate bamboo knit wrap dress

Wow, its been a while since the last post. In the meantime I have hit my sewing low. Only 1 creation in almost a month! But I had been tired and work had been busy, and we had been putting new flooring in our house ourselves. Hopefully it will get a little better next month!

So I made another jersey thing — a bamboo jersey dress! I swear bamboo knit is the most comfortable thing ever. I had made a pretty soft black jersey dress 2 years ago, but unfortunately I lost it on a trip to vegas (sometimes, what happens in vegas DOES stay in vegas…). I’ve been wanting another comfy black dress since then. So I made this, with no pattern:

I got a little lazy about finishing off the edges, so i just took a elastic black lace and attached it to all the edges. I think it gives it a very delicate look!

It has a kimono sleeve top part, plus a rectangle stripe of midriff which extends into a tie, and a gathered skirt.

The front:

(yes! that is our new floor. We still need to put baseboards on…)

The back:

And here is how it looks when opened up:

The side with tie:

All in all, I am quite happy with the dress. It is delicate and comfortable, almost makes me want to buy another yard of the bamboo jersey and make a lingerie slip with the same stretchy lace. I think it would also be great as a maternity dress, though i might need to shorten that midriff part if it is to be one.

On another note, spring is here! My peach tree in front of the sewing room window is flowering again and I am looking forward to all the yummy yellow peaches this year. Too bad all the fungicide I sprayed last fall for peach curl didnt seem to work 😦 hopefully it would still perform as well as last year.

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