Ikea Bedsheet dress

I love making dresses out of bedsheets for a few reasons:

  1. They are so damn comfy
  2. They sometimes have more interesting patterns than the cotton you can buy in store
  3. They are free
  4. (Most important for me) No pre-shrinking needed!
Granted, this is only the second dress involving bedsheets, but we dont have much unused bedsheets around. This fabric is terribly dark as a bedcover for our bed, so we didnt use it much. I cut it up and re-made Vogue 8380 using that fabric. I did make the bust and waist bands wider and put a rubber band through the waist band and did not use a zipper. Whew! so much more comfortable than my last version.
Look at how big kaylee is!
Oh! and I got a haircut! The splitends were driving me crazy so chop chop! all gone!
My new birthday purchase reminded me that I have an awesome Elna that I havent sewn with for a while. This dress is made only using my little Elna grasshopper πŸ™‚ There are somethings I learnt about that machine, will share with you soon!

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