Twirl Dress – Adult version!

Have you seen this most whimsical dress from Wildflower and Whimsy?

Dont you think its the cutest dress ever? When I saw it, I really wanted one for myself and Kaylee! While it would be a while for Kaylee to be big enough for cute dresses, I can wear one now 🙂 I made one that I can wear now and also after pregnancy.

I followed her tutorial to cut the circle skirt. I have just ordered a ruffle feet from Amazon, since making little girl dress would require lots of ruffling. But I decided to put a biase stripe instead as the hem of this skirt to make it more suitable for an adult and less heavy. The skirt is cut so that its higher in the front and lower in the back, so the bias stripe was made to make sure that all edges are enclosed (kind of like a french seam) and the skirt hem looks finished from inside and out. It took a while to iron the long bias stripes!

I think the cut of the dress drapes quite well over a big tummy, dont you think so?

The bodice of the dress is actually made from McCall 5652, which is actually a really great summer maternity dress pattern. I lengthened the back piece a little to allow me to put in a elastic band and shirring it a little. The edge of the top is enclosed by bias strips which extends into a strap.

From the back, the dress look rather classy:

From the side, it looks really cute:

The material is an all cotton seersucker, and no bra required — making the dress super comfortable! I love wearing it, it makes me very happy and feeling very floaty. I still have a lot of the material left to make a cuter version for Kaylee, I cant wait until next summer!

When my mom saw this dress, she commented that back in her days, all the skirts and dresses has to have even hemlines, making it quite difficult for pregnant women’s hemlines. What is your opinion of dresses that has shorter hemline in the front? Does it look weird to you? do you think it makes your legs look longer, or shorter?

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