Wool mini skirt

After my two last major fail, I needed to make something that is safe and makes me happy. I saw PAG’s little wool mini dress make over and I wanted one for myself too! I had this dirty green shetland wool in my stash since earlier this year, and that wool is pretty thin so its perfect for a mini dress. I drafted my own pattern, and used elastics in the back instead of fitting it, since I am not entirely sure how big my butt would remain after birth (my butt grew 4 inches since the pregnancy!)

I love the pocket detail with the little pleating.

I used bright yellow satin as lining again, and i think it matches the green fabric very well. I also did a gold exposed zipper detail, and i love it!

There’s a lot of hand sewing involved when I sew the lining to the zipper. I also had to hand sew the blind hem since my blind hem feet did not work well with the wool.

The shape of the dress is a little more flared than I like. I could take it in on the side a bit more, but I have top stitched the side seam already (can you tell that I love top stitching?), and I am a little too lazy to take it apart. I will see how the proportion work on me after birth and decide then!

I have one mini wool skirt, however, it is not meant to sit on my real waist — it sits on the hips instead. it is pretty annoying to wear since it would slip up to where my body is thinner whenever I sit down. This skirt sits squarely on my real waist, so I hope it would be much more fun to wear!

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