Vintage Chunky Sweater

In my last few days of pregnancy, it was difficult to move about and I was quite bored. Given all the successes I had with reading knitting patterns lately, I decided to challenge myself and knit a whole sweater. A chunky one so that it doesnt take too much time. I found the perfect pattern on etsy:

It is chunky (uses size 15 needle), cute (reminds me of something Jacky O might lounge around in) and seems relatively straight forward (pattern had K and P, slip and Ktog, and cable twisting). I read somewhere that vintage knitting patterns are hard to do for a beginner, but this one is surprisingly easy. It starts you off in the back & sleeves where there’s no cables, and once you get the hang of the pattern, it was quite easy to follow the cable twisting front instructions. I had to take notes while knitting to keep track of which row I am in though!

I made a few modifications to mine. The pattern called for size 13 needles for the ribbed knit, I used 15 since I didnt have long, size 13 needles. I also increased the bodice by 4 rows to make it slightly longer than the sleeves, otherwise they fall at the same length.

I used pewter loops and threads cozy wool. it is 50% wool and 50% polyester, is very fluffy and warm and soft. I think I used a total of 6-7 balls, which end up costing me about 30 dollars.

I started knitting this a few days before I went to the hospital to induce labor. While waiting for picotin to kick in (it didnt quite work, they had to break my water manually to start labor 8 hrs later), I was still knitting and finishing the front piece. It did help me not feel the cold iv fluid going into my wrist!

Heres how my version looks, I really love it!

It has that cosy, chunky look that I dont have with my existing hord of sweaters. Its the perfect sweater to lounge around the house with a hot cup of chocolate milk! (though not so great for breast feeding, so I cant wear it as much as I like right now!)

I had so much fun with it, that I decided to knit another sweater, this time a baby sweater. Hopefully I can finish it soon! Kaylee wants to be held all the time these days so its hard to find moments where I have a pair of free hands!

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