Yojeggings — Leggings are not pants

Ever since the delivery, I’ve been favoring long sweaters over leggings kind of look, because I cant fit back into my old jeans or pants yet. They were very tight fitting to begin with anyways. However, I also know that leggings are not pants, and I always feel a little weird when wearing sweaters that are just a little bit too short.

So I made a pair of pants that I can wear as leggings, using jean material, with the cut of yoga pants. I gave this a new name – yojeggings. I hope this new pair of hotpants takes the fashion world by the storm in this new year! haha 🙂

Anyways — it really is super easy — I didnt want any zippers or pockets so that they would be more comfortable, faster to sew, and no extra buldges to show under my sweaters/shirts. I used burda yoga pants pattern, except that I made the legs straight (great for boots), and jus straight stripes with elastic bands as waist bands.

End result — sewn under 2 hours  over a few days during Kaylee’s nap time, and I love wear it with my highheel oxford and boots! They are super duper comfortable, and modest as well!

  • Shirt: H&M shirt
  • Sweater: Thrifted
  • Yojeggings: self made
  • Shoes: high heel oxford from urban outfitter

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