Wool, silk, and leather

As you can see I havent been sewing much lately. I’ve gone back to work and there’s just not enough time to sew! I am not working full time just yet, and we extremely lucky to have awesome care for Kaylee during the day. But between work, sleep, cuddle time with Kaylee & hubby, its hard to squeeze much sewing time into my life! I really wonder how sew-less my life would be once the second baby comes along (in a few years). eeks! But I shouldnt complain too much, at least Kaylee is sleeping through the night most of the time!
I managed to sew this skirt up one day when Kaylee took some good naps. It is basically a quarter of a circle with a rectangle&elastic on top. The tan layer is wool trincotine, red layer is raw silk, brown layer is real leather from a thrifted skirt. I saw a similar skirt on a lady walking by and I really liked how it looked, so here’s my copy.

Well, there’s not much else to show for. I have two hand knitting projects going as that is much easier to pick up and do 3 minutes at a time. hope to be able to finish and show them soon!

5 responses to “Wool, silk, and leather

  • catherinedaze

    That’s a very classy skirt. I love the colours and the contrasting textures!

  • Vicki

    Wow, no wonder you wanted to copy the one you saw! It looks like one of those pieces that will fit with anything in your wardrobe.
    BTW, I remember after having my first child that I thought I would never have time to sew again. Strangely enough, I get more sewing done now that I have two kids and work full time. I guess mothers just become more and more efficient with our time as we go along 😉

  • Beth (SunnyGal Studio)

    love that skirt, very stylish. and you are looking great. I could picture the same skirt in lightweight fabrics for a summer version.

  • sulovessew

    very whimsy, love…
    I second your feeling, no time to sew, got to spend time with baby. I don’t know how other bloggers do it. I started cutting the pattern pieces for Ginger skirt yesterday and I lose my mojo today to cut the fabric. And then there’s the tax return that I have to prepare and oh, I also to need to nap since I am doing mostly the night and graveyard shift…why can’t we have more help and more time on hands?

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