Baby Bonnet

I know I havent posted any sewing projects for a while. Returning to work + continuing breastfeeding had put a dent in my sewing time. I had been sewing whenever I can though, and I had just finished the most difficult sewing project I attempted! It took me well over 6 weeks, the longest I’ve ever taken. It is meant for winter but spring had kicked in full force here in the bay area. I still need to somehow iron the darn thing. Oh wells.

Meanwhile, we wanted to go to the farmers market but couldnt find Kaylee’s sunhat. With the gorgeous weather I really wanted to put a hat on her so she doesnt squint/get burnt. So I found some scrapes, and a bonnet pattern a friend gave me a few month ago, and made her a bonnet. It took me only half an hour! She looks so cute in it, I might have to make her more. She doesnt like the strings tied though- when I try to tie it she just pulls it apart. I wonder if its a good idea for baby clothing to have strings though — strangulation hazard! I made hers pretty short so I feel safer.

I think she knows she looks cute in it. She smiles extra cutely when she wears it and sees herself in the mirror.


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