First Draped Dress!

Saw this on pinterst a few month ago and thought it looked good:

It costs $650 something dollars, but it looks relatively easy to do. So I bought some bamboo jersey and made one for myself.

It is not quite the same as the original dress, as I dont think I got the formulae down quite right. But it is draped from just 2 rectangle pieces of fabric, with some rouching here and there. Because it is asymmetrical, it wasnt too hard. I made it up in an hour during one of the baby naps.

I think my favorite thing about it is the neckline:

Look at the shoulder gathering!

I think it could use more gathering on the side. and oops, i see a lose thread hanging!

I dont think this is a very good copy of the original. I really should do the side gathering for both front and back at the same side, and make the gathering lower, and make it more, and leave one side a long slit.  But it got hubby to whistle when he came home, so its all good 🙂 I am tempted to make up a better copy since I still have a lot of fabric left. Plus I wouldnt mind two similar dresses here – bamboo jersey is just so heavenly to wear!

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