Hoodlet By the Sea Give away


Its been a while since I had something that I can give away. After the last few giveaways, my standard for a finished garment jumped up a bit and all my garments are either still been very well used by me, or not good enough to give away. But this knitted thing – its a perfectly finished (okay, not perfect, there were 2 mistakes, but i doubt you can tell) hoodlet and I havent worn it since that photoshoot. I think all the cabling is just too much on my petite frame and are  a bit overwhelming in real life. Well, this means I get to give this away!

If you would like it, leave a comment! I will randomly choose by Dec 10 and email the winner 🙂 if you had commented on the original post, you get triple the entries if you want it! I would say this can fit someone who is about a size xs – s, but well, its a knitted hoodlet, I think it can stretch for a medium but probably wont work for someone bigger.

Lastly – I will ship it the cheapest way whenever I have time, so please dont count on it arriving by Christmas! Oh and if you are outside US, please mention your country so I can double check that postage wont be ridiculously expensive.

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