Maxi Infinity Dress

I finally made an infinity dress! I remember this was all in the rage just a few years ago. I had a green bamboo/rayon jersey that is so soft, it begs to be made into a maxi dress. So I figured out a way and cut out an infinity maxi from the 3 yards I had. (The most helpful tutorial I used is here, the skirt is a quarter circle and I do not have a tube top underneath. I also gradually cut the strap so its thinner towards the end).

Of course, there are crazy amount of ways to wear this. My favorite way to wear is the above, except with both of the straps on one shoulder, so it looks like a one shoulder dress. It was hot that day so I didnt want to reconfigure my dress and stay on the deck for too long, but I am sure you can get the idea about how to wear this dress on google 🙂

The color of this fabric is  bright olive from fabricmart (again), and I actually really love it! Hubby is conflicted about this dress: he doesnt love the color but likes how it looks like a greek dress and is oh-so-soft. What do you think?

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