Another Rayon Maxi Dress

Can you tell that I’ve been feeling MAXI lately? This is the third maxi dress I’ve made this year and I’ve only made 5 dresses this year so far. Wow, i am productive this year!

I followed  Simplicity 3745 exactly, but lengthened it to a maxi length. I actually made three (1 and 2) dresses using that pattern when I first started sewing  (I forgot to take photos of my 3rd attempt). None of them were very good because of my poor fabric choices. I remembered this pattern being pretty hard. But this time, I found it rather easy! And I know I will be wearing this dress over and over again so its a success! I LOVE the curved band below the bust. Since you cant see it clearly due to the floral, here’s the technical drawing:

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 12.41.22 AM

The only thing I dont like about this pattern is because of the way its constructed, its hard/not possible to enclose the zipper between the shell and the lining, which i like to do to make the finishing looking more professional. But it is the nature of having that band on the waist.

(As you can see we are overrun with tiny peaches and nectarines this year. I really need to aggressively trim our trees next year).

(Here’s me juggling some peaches!)

Well, I love how this looks and as usual, i LOVE rayon. I have two more rayon florals that I plan to make more maxi dresses of :D. Another thought – its actually rather hard to find rayon prints thats not a crazy floral. You always see really cute, adorable patterns on cotton, but never rayon. I always wondered why – is it because its impossible to dye clear, distinguished colors on rayon?

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