UFO of the year

I usually dont post UFOs but i thought I’d post this one. I havent had too much UFO this year and this one is really not too bad.

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 11.37.11 PM



Yeap! this is Vogue 1316 that I was obsessed with after seeing Carolyn’s version.I used all just scrape fabric since I wasnt sure if the colors will work out well. I actually stitches everything up really nicely – quite proud of the technical work I did here. However, the dress didnt work on me. I cut it out 2 size smaller based on some reviews I read – but I should have gone with my original size for this, as I can barely get into this dress. Also, its not very flattering to have the lighter pieces at the waist. I am not sure if I would try to remake this again, but if color inspiration ever strike again, I know what size to follow!

On the other hand, thanks everyone who entered the give away! The winners had been contacted, please do enjoy your sweater!

6 responses to “UFO of the year

  • Km

    UFO? Unfinished …? It looks really good on the hanger. Sorry it didn’t work out. But you’ve gotta try it again cuz that idea of a color block dress is really really great! Besides you’ve been obsessing about it for so long.

    • juebejue

      unfinished object! 🙂 yeah, it does look good, i think i lose the motivation to try to make one now since we are trying again – i wont be able to fit into this tight fitting dress then 😉

  • CGCouture

    If only I fit into that dress, it’s gorgeous!! With Vogue’s love of 5/8 seams, are you sure you can’t let it out enough for you to wear it? Because it’s too pretty to go in the back of the closet or in the trash!!

    • juebejue

      hmm, the way the dress is cut, only the center back seam is a good place to let things out – and i;ve already let it out there 😦 though upon more study now, maybe the back side seam would work if i unpick the shoulder seam there too… hmmmm. i did already add pockets to this dress…

  • Micki

    UFO ~ That’s a great term. I try not to have one in my sewing projects but have several in my knitting project stash….. The dress looks like a fun project to work on. I’m sorry that the size didn’t work out for you. That’s a bummer.

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