Black Babydoll Dress with Little Black Bolero

D6043036-EB42-4ADF-9B94-170316DEC23FSo I lied to myself when I said I wont make myself another maternity dress (but i swear this is the last one!). I was looking through my pinterest boards for next sewing inspiration, and I couldnt help but wanting this outfit – its so cute!

This is the dress I made:





I used black rayon twill for the body and a fake leather fabric (very light) for the band. It is extremely comfortable and didnt take long for me to make. I actually made an effort to make sure the hem is leveled with my tummy underneath this time (though i made this 2 weeks ago so now its a little high in the front again). The pattern is the top part of the usual Burda Daniel dress, except I did not sew the dart together and just gathered them. The skirt is flared with pleats, and I put an elastic through the bottom of the top part to clinch it in a little.

It seems like a pity that I would wear this for a max of 6 weeks after making it. But oh well, I am glad I did. It is such a comfortable yet classy dress, i really love wearing it and  probably do every other 3 days. I thought about making it breast feeding friendly, but decided that I’ll just heavily alter the dress after the baby comes out.

Here’s the little bolero:





Then after that, I thought I needed a little black cardigan to go with it. My coworker who cleaned her place out for a move had given me some really nice black cashmere yarn (along with other nice yarn). There were 2 balls of Filtes Rosina, (70%merinos 30% cashmere), and added to total of 328 yards. I took a risk and started a small cardigan with them, luckily – by the time all the yarn were used up, the cardigan was at a place that can be finished off! I followed the pattern Feather and Clouds. I made some modification like shorter sleeves, stopping right below the bust, and stopping the collar/front band once I ran out of yarn. After stretching it out a little with blocking, it fits very well 😀

This reminds me a little of the outfit along run by Andi and Lauren, but I didnt quite get started with the projects until after its over! oh wells.

Here’s the entire outfit together! i wish the weather was cooler because this totally looks even awesomer with my black stockings and boots. but looks close to inspiration outfit anyways, eh??? I tried my best to put on my “bitch-face”, so the package is quite complete 🙂







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