Gatsby Summer Picnic Dress

This probably has never happened before – but I made a dress for an event!! I usually never make anything for a single purpose – not even for a wedding. But – I dont remember which came first – I loved Mary’s picnic dress in Downton Abbey but needed an excuse to make that dress; and I found out about this amazing Gatsby Summer Picnic a few years ago and needed a dress to go to the event. I also happened to have some red stripes + Β the perfect lace from my dad in my stash I want to use up, and so, a dress is born!



I also made a red velvet belt to go with it – I think if I wear this again though I will sew it in – it slipped around and didnt stay on the seam all day as I hoped. I re-used an umbrella from a friend’s wedding, an awesome friend bought me a vintage purse from an estate sale, plus amazon hat and necklace – the outfit is complete! (And of course being a dependent on my apple watch I had a hard time taking it on. so lets just say I was ahead of my times on the watch front!)



This is my lovely date Tracy – we had a great time at the event together! She’s also the photographer for my outfit photos here πŸ™‚ We were pleasantly surprised that the ride into the event from the gate was either vintage cars or horse carriage!! This is both our first times riding either.


I am particularly proud of how the back fits on this dress. Usually store-bought dresses are too small for my hips area, but this one fits and shows off my junks nicely. Unfortunately I did gain 5-10lbs between the making of this dress and the event… so things were, a little snug.



The lace is actually not sewn on – because I could not bear the thought of cutting it into two and fitting that into the zipper. so I just attached it with clear buttons.



I should really probably end my post here and say I had a lovely time and was really inspired but all the lovely outfits and I will be back next year with an actual picnic spread… But I cannot resist posting the next as the last photo πŸ™‚


Anyone wants to join me next year? πŸ™‚

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