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Scrap Fabric Bean Bag Stool

I am a stasher. I dont mention this publicly often, but I have about 16 cubic feet of fabric stashed away in my sewing room. I like having my stash – often when inspiration strike, I dont want to spend a few days hunting for the fabric or wait for my shipment to arrive. My ikea bookcase is pretty much overfilling with fabric, and one of them is filled with scrape fabric left over from other projects. I dont like throwing scrapes away in case the garment needs repair – I can get a matching fabric (though this has literally never happened, but hey! just in case). I also never throw away old bedsheet or curtains – they make great muslin or even garment sometimes.

But I need some room in my shelf for all the nice fabric I have. Ive been having this idea of making a square stool/bag thing with a zipper so I can store all the scrape fabric inside, but it will also be a functional furniture in my living room. I finally got around to make it. I love it! There are some more room in there for more fabric, but as is, its quite nice and comfy as a stool/bean bag.

Side note – I finally got around to patching up our very ripped up couch. Like most sewist out there – I have a cat. She destroys all couch corners and I gave up on having an un-ripped couch in the long run. All my couch will start having fun patches!




I usually dont post home decor sewing – they are made out of necessity and I usually dont love sewing them. But this one is just too cool – for all you stashers out there – think about it! 🙂 I thought about putting my nice fabric in here but decided against it – the pressure of a body on those fabric would make the fabric rub against each other – you probably don’t want to damage your nice fabric that way. But for scrapes – its perfect. Its also a good way to stuff a beanbag for free 🙂

Now I have more room for my stash!!

Refashioned tank

Made a tank from a used sweater top I got from goodwill. I bought the top because the material was kind of amazing – soft, drapery, spongy. But it didnt have enough material to make more. So a tank it became!

I should really start taking photos of the “before” of all my re-made garments!

The scandalous dress

I made this probably 4 month ago. I made my own pattern and the rayon stripe fabric was very porous – and the weight of the skirt would stretch the top part down, which is cut on bias. This result in the front top part to be a little narrower than it should be on me. 

The back actually have a bout 6 pairs of little loops – allowing me to adjust the stripes on the back however I like. Unfortunately I couldnt adjust it in any way such that my boobs would be securely hidden from public. I probably need to get a stripy bra to wear with this. I am putting this away for next summer – when I stop breastfeeding and have smaller boobs – perhaps this dress would work better.





Black Qipao

Hubby had requested this sewing from me. He wanted me to make a all black qipao, except a lining of white at the collar and sleeves. Well thats quite easy. tada!

I guess there is not much to say. Pattern is the same as the summer qipao, except I had redrafted the sleeves to fit closer and more petite. The material is very interesting – its rayon faille, so its stiff, but still very comfortable. It is very structured comparing to rayon challis. I might take in the waist part more next summer, as i might lose that pooch completely by then. Luckily qipao is so easy to take in or let out!

Let it go

No this is not a post about letting my past go or anything. Unfortunately little K had been infected with the frozen bug. One day she came home from preschool and asked me if I can make her an Elsa dress for “the pumpkin patch”. She meant Halloween. Isnt 4-years old a little too young to put in sewing requests? Granted, this is not the first time she asked me to sew something for her, but this time its much more specific and she seemed to really want it.

Being the selfish seamstress I am, I had to make it harder for her to get her wish. I told her that if she can master the “Let it go” song, I will make her the dress. (A decision I regretted for the next few weeks as she constantly practice an off tune rendition of Let it go). A week or two later I could tell that she’s getting more than half of the lyrics down, and I figured that I should really sew the dress for her.

We as a family went to hancock together and picked out the fabric. What a fun experience! (Hubby might beg to differ – keeping two young kids in control in a fabric store while his wife keeps running off to grab notions/unrelated fabric is not his idea of fun). She picked out the fabric for her cape, and i picked out fabric for the skirt and white top.

A few days of sewing later – its done! Its pretty easy to whip up. I made sure that everything that touches her skin is lined with cotton material – the main reason that I wanted to make the costume myself instead of buying for $15 from amazon. I did a really good job estimating the amount of fabric needed – I barely had anything left over! Little K helped cutting out pattern for me initially 🙂

She loves the dress, which makes me very happy. She is actually getting better and better at singing the song with practice, which makes me very proud (proud of the fact that she practiced).

Now I am debating whether i should make an Anna dress for little A… On the other hand, Shwin Shwin has an amazing series of everyday princess. While I am pretty sure little K would much prefer the one I made for her (she likes super long skirt), I myself much prefer the chic style of Shwin Shwin…. I am usually not a princess-y person but I want to make everything in her series!!!

When is the first time your child seriously requested sewing from you?

Mustard Linen Pocket dress

I made this dress over 2 or 3 month ago and this is probably the dress that got me the most compliment this year. Ladies would actually stop me at work or on the street and tell me how much they like it. I even got an offer to pay for my sewing (which i politely declined). I love the dress as well – its made from the most vibrant mustard yellow linen fabric with grey cotton as highlight.



I made up the pattern myself – it took a lot of muslin for the bust part and just trial and error – the fit end up being extremely flattering.



About the pocket – I had already cut out the skirt pieces. There was not a lot of fabric and I had cut out as much of a flare I could for the skirt, but I felt there’s still not enough body. So I decided to add a panel on the side and then put a pocket in there. the pocket would be hidden between the pleat. Its not the most secure pocket, but I love the stealthiness of it.




To be fair, I didnt come up with the general design myself. This is the inspiration.


look at that back! such great fit 🙂



The photos are taken on a trip to Palm Springs for a wedding. The dessert in October was beautiful. When I first started living in the west, I did not care very much for the dessert. But the more I stay here the more I appreciate its stark beauty.

Polkadot dress

Well, I am not that crazy about this dress. Hubby had been hounding me to make a poka dot dress with a black belt and black stripe. So I busted out my trusted Simplicity 3745, as the last one fitted me quite well.

But the modification i did for the black belt part didnt go so well. I wanted a thinner middle stripe, but instead of cutting a thinner stripe, i had cut out a normal stripe adn just sew it smaller. The result is that the middle pulls in a weird manner.

Which is a bum because I even have pockets on this dress, and hubby just love it. But I cant get over the technical failure and how it makes me feel real… pregnant. I have a photos of this dress from our vacation a while ago, and i dont think i can give enough care about the dress to do another photoshoot. so you are going to have to take my words that this dress is a fail.

However – the picture is quite nice 🙂