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Winter Skirt Giveaway!

Another giveaway! This one is a pretty nice make as well, when circular skirt was pretty hyped in the sewing world. Unfortunately I realized that a full circle skirt is not doing my much favors since I am short and on the curvy side. I havent worn it for 3 years now!

More details on the skirt here. To fit into this skirt – you will need to have a waist of 25-27 inches (which will make where this sits on your waist/hip a little different), and you should have a height between 5ft1 and 5ft 7.

Here’s something that I’ve forgotten for the past few giveaways. As part of the giveaway agreement, if you would like to enter in the giveaway, I request that if you win, you agree to signup for KIVA upon receiving the giveaway, and lend at least $25 dollars to a seamstress in 3rd world country to buy sewing machines/fabrics. It is something I really enjoy doing, and you can keep lending the money over and over again.

So leave a comment if you’d like this skirt! Also, let me know your country of origin. This skirt is a little lighter than the previous sweaters, so i think the shipping to overseas should not be ridiculous, but still i’d like to check!

Sweater Giveaway!

Thanks everyone for your comments on previous post! I love how almost every comment had the word “ador*” in it! 🙂

Its been a long while since I did any giveaway of stuff I made. Mostly because after sewing for a while, I realized my skills and product were not quite up to par to be given away! And then later, I would mostly keep on wearing what I made, as I became more aware of my style and improved my sewing and fitting skills. But there are still a few items that I made that I think is good enough to be given away and still not quite my style!

So here we go. I’d like to see if anyone wants my green sweater:

Its a nice sweater but i realized 1. green is really not my color and 2, I wanted it tunic-length but made it hip-length. Its made from a polyester material, so its quite warm (california standard), very drapy, and can withstand a lot of washing without pilling much (from my other sweater experiences, i actually only wore this one once). It can be a little static-y though!

My vintage Chunky sweater:

Not the best picture here since this was probably take 2 weeks after little K was born, I still had a big pouch no matter how much i tried to suck it in. I made it thinking that I will be wearing them with sexy underwear and thigh-high socks, holding a nice warm cup of chocolate milk by the fireplace. Alas, I live in California and it just doesnt get THAT cold for this sweater to come in play all that much, plus our fireplace no longer functions. So even though its my first successful sweater I will have to let it go.

If you are wondering if the sweater may fit you, for reference – I am 4’11 and around 110lbs in those pictures, so if you are a shortie like me, it may be great for you. If you want one of the sweaters, please leave a comment letting me know which one (or both) you want, and which country you live in (so I can make sure i wont be paying too much for shipping). I dont mind shipping them for free to you – but it would be really great if you can send me a picture when you do get them (I wont post them without permission, promise!).

Zanda in my hood!

The winner for my hoodlet give away was Zanda. She took some very nice pictures of her in the hoodlet and it made me so very happy! If you guys havent checked out her blog, please head on over – I always love her projects and photos!

Hoodlet By the Sea Give away

Its been a while since I had something that I can give away. After the last few giveaways, my standard for a finished garment jumped up a bit and all my garments are either still been very well used by me, or not good enough to give away. But this knitted thing – its a perfectly finished (okay, not perfect, there were 2 mistakes, but i doubt you can tell) hoodlet and I havent worn it since that photoshoot. I think all the cabling is just too much on my petite frame and are  a bit overwhelming in real life. Well, this means I get to give this away!

If you would like it, leave a comment! I will randomly choose by Dec 10 and email the winner 🙂 if you had commented on the original post, you get triple the entries if you want it! I would say this can fit someone who is about a size xs – s, but well, its a knitted hoodlet, I think it can stretch for a medium but probably wont work for someone bigger.

Lastly – I will ship it the cheapest way whenever I have time, so please dont count on it arriving by Christmas! Oh and if you are outside US, please mention your country so I can double check that postage wont be ridiculously expensive.

Petite Republic Giveaway – Purple Silk Blouse

Its been a week since I last posted! We took last week off since my work had a shut down. What did we do? We spent the whole week breaking up concrete in our back patio! Its some back breaking work (for my husband), but I think I have toned my arm muscles nicely from lifting all those concrete pieces and carrying them to our truck in a whiny wheel barrel.  3 trips to the dumps already, probably 5 more to go… *sigh* … the joys of being a house slave.

Of course, I still did sew… unsuccessfully. For some reason I thought this funky patterned rayon would look good as a slightly baggy dress… 😦 And I tried to make a top using a self drafted pattern, from SILK! 😦 x2. oh wells… To make myself feel better…

Here is a giveaway! My purple silk blouse! I think I made this last year. I love the silky material, but I didnt really like such a big ruffle in the front, it made me look nice in the photos, but in person its just a little… ridiculous. Regardless I had worn it out a few times, because I loved how it feels! Anyway, I am sure someone out here would like this style.

Strict chest size requirement: you must be 32 or smaller! This blouse is a little too small up there for me, another reason I dont like wearing it, the ruffle just bounce around too much and the center slit opens up too much.

Okie Dokie, just the usual deal, leave a message here conveying how much you want this, and I will pick a random reader!

Im back and a Giveaway (no strings attached)!

Hello! We just got back from an extended weekend trip in Yosemite with a pair of close friends who bought us there as their wedding present. It is so beautiful there! The snow was melting, wild flowers were blooming and waterfalls were gushing. I had never been to yosemite with my husband and we had never been there during heavy waterfall season. We hiked an 8 mile trail through forests, cliffs, and lots of waterfalls, and I was sore for 3 days afterwards! Though it was so worth it — I still can remember looking back at one of the water falls (the mist trail is right next to the water fall) and seeing it falling, all the mists, the greenery, and the rainbow arching half way through it.

But now I am back! I do have a completed piece made from my husband’s old shirt. And right now I am working on this from burda magazine:

Did I ever mention that I hate sewing darts? this dress is full of darts! But I like the shape it created. I used a testing fabric (silky polyester), but I did buy some stretch cotton fabric from, so maybe I will make a real one!

Anyway, the last giveaway wasnt too successful, not sure if its because of my extra requirements or ridiculously small size. So I have decided, I will give it away as long as you enter a comment, theres no need to go to kiva and make a loan — just consider it sometimes in the future. If you can fit the purple dress and still would like it, go ahead and leave a comment there!

Today I would like to give away this zebra skirt for any of the punk rock girls out there, I made it to enter the wenlan competition but it was just not me:

waist: around 26

hip: around 35

material: fake suede

Leave a comment and specifically tell me that you would like it if you want it!

Petite Republic Giveaway – purple coffee date dress

Ok, maybe one more giveaway before my wedding! This one I might not have time to ship until a few weeks later, but I’ll see if anyone wants it. As previously posted, if you want the dress, leave a comment here, and agree that if you win, you will pick a seamstress on Kiva who needs a loan and give a small loan to her, in exchange for having this coffee date dress for free! 🙂

Mistakes when I made this dress:

  • I printed the pattern way too small, so you probably need to have a chest of around 30 to wear this!
  • I am totally a cotton and linen girl, yet I was seduced by this cool purple polyester that has a faded effect. It looks cool but its shininess not for me.


  • chest: 30″
  • would make a loan to a fellow seamstress in need!

Anyway! I hope someone likes this dress! If there are more than 1 person who wants it, I will randomly pick a person on the 28th. If not, you can still leave a comment to win!

p.s. Look at Jasmine in my choir girl dress! She looks adorable!

Its still FREEEEE! 98.5% of the time…

OK, I have decided after your inputs. Between that post and this one, I had some fun looking though potential businesses to “invest” in and I made a small loan to  Marilou from Philippines for her sewing business! And one of my reader, Shasta said:

You just inspired me to make a loan on Kiva!  What a great idea!  I made a loan to a seamstress in Peru.  She will use the money to buy fabric and thread.  I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now.

Both Shasta and I feel really happy to make that loan, and I realized, I dont want to deprive YOU of that rewarding experience by making you give me money and let ME have all the fun and be warm and fuzzy. And KM is right! Handling $$ can be messy.

So this is how its going to go. In the future, if you want the giveaway, you have to promise that if you win, you will sign up on Kiva, and you will make a loan of at least 25 dollars to one of the seamstresses on Kiva. Keep in mind that 98.5% of the time, you will get that money back, at which point, you can decide whether you want to put that back to your pocket or re-invest in someone else! So this way, my giveaway is still, 98.5% free! All you need to do is to show me which seamstress you have loaned the money to and I will trust that you all are honorable and kind and ship it to you free!

(To sign up for kiva, all you need is a paypal account! Note that kiva loans are not exactly donations, so they are not tax-deductible)

I am excited about this! 😀

POLL: Free Giveaway, or Sell for Charity?

hi Readers!

I was thinking about my free giveaway series today and I thought — wouldn’t it be cool if I can sell my future giveaways (for a low low price), and with all the money I get, donate them to a charity organization, or do something good with it?

One option I am considering is related to helping poor kids who cannot hear well getting hearing aids. I am slightly deaf (since I was little) and I understand how it feels to have to keep on asking people to repeat things or missing out on conversations and feeling awkward in social situations as a result. Finally shelling out  two thousands dollars on a pair on the lowest end hearing aids was one of the best purchases I have ever made, and I wish that I had gotten them when I was younger (before I started college!).

Another option suggested by my AWESOME fiancee, and is more relate-able to you, is to help seamstresses/seamsters in third world countries by supplying loans for their small businesses through Kiva.For those who doesnt know, Kiva Microfunds is an organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to microfinance institutions in developing countries around the world and in the United States, which in turn lend the money to small businesses. If the business succeed,  the seamstress will pay the loan back and we can re-invest it in another seamstress. If not, the loan is forgiven. I looked around on there, and these are some good examples of people I would like to loan the money to:

  • Succes plus group from Congo need to purchase sewing accessories of good quality that are needed by her clients in order to generate more profit
  • Anwari Group from Pakistan needs to purchase an electric sewing machine for her business

(by the time you read this post, their funds might had been fulfilled, but there’s lots more seamstresses out there who needs more! Feel free to go ahead and lend them some money! )

I do not need to make any extra money since I have a full time job right now, so the money can go to someone in need. What do you think? How much do you think is a reasonable price tag to put on the creations such that YOU would still want to buy it? 10 dollars? 20 dollars? 25 dollars? (each donation on Kiva is ~25) Or should I keep it freeeeeeee so that it is still fun? Or should it be a bidding system (asking readers to leave a comment with the most amount you would pay for this dress, even if its a dollar)? Be honest! I am really open to your feedback!


p.s. congrats to Pam for being the random winner of that pink dress! its still freeeeee! 🙂

Petite Republic Giveaway – Hot Pink Romance!

Its time for my giveaway again! I am going to make this end on Friday, so that I can mail out this dress at the same time as the last give away! This will be the last give away for probably 6-8 weeks, but I got more coming after I am done with the wedding!

This time, I am giving away my HOT PINK ROMANCE dress! I love the cut of this dress, but I need a little more boobies for this. Also, the pink is a little too daring (the picture makes it look darker than it really is). You will also need a little sewing skills to finish the hemming the way you want (i would suggest bubble skirt! So any petite, daring, and blessed (up there) seamstress want this? Just leave a comment! As long as you promise to attempt to wear it, I will give it!


  • smells slightly like clorine from some bleaching attempts to fix the color (should come off after a few washes)
  • needs hemming
  • made from polyester
  • crazy pink color

Size requirement:

  • waist: ~25
  • boobies: ~33 -35

Any daring girls out there who will make a statement with this dress?