Can I buy silk yarn Persona 5?

Silk Yarn. You can also purchase these at Yumenoshima in Yongen-Jaya.

Where can I farm silk yarn?

The best locations to farm Silkweed & Silk Threads in New World

  • Mourningdale and Restless Shore.
  • Southern Weaver’s Fen.
  • Throughout Eastern Brightwood.
  • The easy option in Monarch’s Bluffs.

Where do you get silk in new world?

Where to find Silk Threads. Silk Threads are harvested from Silkweed. You can find Silkweed in the wilderness by looking for tall green plants with small lilac flowers on them. The best spot for Silkweed is north of Mourningdale.

How do you get silk threads in new world?

How To Get Silk Threads. Silk Threads can be harvested from Silkweed plants by using a Sickle. Silkweed plants are tall and light green with light purple flowers which should be easy enough to spot since they rise above the grass by a fair margin.

Can you buy materials Persona 5?

Materials are important ingredients used to craft infiltration tools. You can obtain them by looting shadows in palaces and mementos. Some materials are easier to obtain than others. You can also visit shops to purchase some of the more common drops in limited quantities.

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Can you sell materials in Persona 5?

While playing through the main story you will be introduced to Untouchable, a store that sells modern weapons and equipment etc. You can sell your items at this Untouchable Airsoft Shop, which is located in Shibuya Station, on Shibuya Central Street.

Which enemies drop liquid mercury?

There are only a few enemies that have the potential to drop Liquid Mercury: Anubis, Decarabia, Ganesha, and Garuda.

How many colors does it take to paint p5?

Persona 5: How to answer the “How many colors?” question

The answer is “four colors.” Make sure to study hard. If you’re looking for more guides, check out our guide for confidants and our guide to beating the first major boss.

What do you need to make Lockpicks in Persona 5?

To make an Eternal Lockpick, you’ll need 20 Aluminum Sheets and 10 Liquid Mercury. You can obtain both items from the Shadows in Futaba’s Palace when it opens on 7/26. Some of the items can also be obtained in Okumura Palace. Note the specific Shadows below that drop the required materials to make the Eternal Lockpick.

How do you farm liquid mercury in Persona 5?

The two best places to grind and farm for Liquid Mercury is either Futaba’s Palace by reaching the Corridor Middle save room, then proceed to the next area. Or you can also go to floors 10 and 11 of the Akzeriyyuth section in Mementos.

How do you make silk threads?

Thread extraction

Once the silkworms have spun their cocoon, they will eventually enclose themselves inside it and then it’s time to extract the silk threads. The cocoons are placed into boiling water in order to soften and dissolve the gum that is holding the cocoon together.

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How do you get sateen in the New World?

After collecting Fibers from Hemp, take them to the Loom at any settlement, and refine them into Linen. Once you reach level 50 of Weaving, you’ll be able to make the next highest cloth, Sateen.

Where can I find Silkweed?

Silkweeds are the tall green plants that closely resemble the Hemp plants. Unlike the Hemp, these plants have a blue flowers at their tips. You can find these plants in a few grasslands and forests in the starting regions.