Frequent question: How do you label plastic bobbins?

How do you write on plastic embroidery bobbins?

Or those that simply tuck it in between the thread and the bobbin. I actually do use the hole on occasion, so I found a way to get around that. Basically, I just cut out the number from the label and tape it to the bobbin. I needed a way to make sure it’s securely on there and that it doesn’t cover the hole.

How do you label floss bobbins?

Slide the label off the floss skein, cut it at the back, then trim it on the sides to fit the plastic card. Then tape the label to the card, and you are ready to wind your floss. Easy peasy.

How do you store embroidery floss bobbins?

Store thread in small snack-size plastic bags. Place an index card inside each bag to use as a label. Then, store the bags in boxes, baskets, or drawers. This is a very flexible system.

How do you organize embroidery floss without bobbins?

The Best Way to Organize Embroidery Floss [Without Bobbins]

  1. Using the Color Card to Organize the Floss. …
  2. The Boxes for Storing the Floss. …
  3. Keep Floss Clean with the Hard Shell Protection. …
  4. Space Saver. …
  5. Save Time by Not Winding Bobbins.
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Can I use embroidery thread in bobbin?

Just buy a simple white bobbin thread designed for an embroidery machine either in pre wound bobbins or in a big spool and you are good to go!

What is floss bobbin?

These floss bobbins keep your floss neat and organized. Each bobbin has the DMC logo, space for adding the floss color number and a cardboard knockout hole (if you want to use a metal ring.) Each bobbin holds one full skein of DMC embroidery floss. … The width of the end parts of each bobbin is about 1 1/2 in (3.8 CM).

What is a thread winder?

Thread winder is used to make threaded holes in wood, leather and plastic, etc. In AliExpress, you can also find other good deals on winder! You can shop for thread winder at low prices.

How do you use a bobbin spinner?

Notches on the bottom of the bobbin winder allow it to perch upright on the edge of a bobbin box. To use a bobbin winder, first remove the peg that holds the bobbin. Insert a bobbin into the slot, lining up the hole on the bobbin with the hole in the winder. Reinsert the peg to secure the bobbin.