Frequent question: How do you start a crochet link?

How do you start a crotchet?

Start With a Slip Knot

  1. Make a loop with your yarn, then bring the tail of the yarn over the working yarn. …
  2. Create a pretzel shape (see above) with the loop. …
  3. Insert the crochet hook from the right to the left over the working yarn, going through the loop. …
  4. Pull down to tighten the yarn around the hook.

What is considered the first stitch in crochet?

Crochet usually begins with a series of chain stitches called a beginning or foundation chain. A slip knot is the first step in most crochet projects. We will begin by making a slip knot on the crochet hook about 6 inches from the free end of the yarn. You will first start by creating a loop with the yarn.

Can you crochet with 2 strands of yarn?

Multi-strand crochet is a really straightforward technique in which you crochet exactly as you always do except that you hold two (or more) strands of yarn together throughout the project. … Instead, you are always crocheting with the yarn strands held together, effectively working with them as if they were one yarn.

Do you count the first chain in crochet?

With single crochet stitches, the chain 1 at the beginning of each row almost never counts as a stitch (unless stated otherwise).

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