How do I get sewing street on my TV?

Not only can you watch us live on Freeview 72 and Sky 670 but you can also watch us on your smart phone or tablet via our YouTube channel or the Sewing Street app. You can also watch us live on our website, Watch us live everyday from 8am – 1pm.

Where can I watch sewing Street?

Watch us daily from 8am on Freeview channel 72 or Sky channel 670.

Are there any sewing channels on TV?

Described as the “new heart of the sewing and quilting community”, the Sewing Quarter launches on Freeview channel 78 on Tuesday, 31st January as the UK’s first TV shopping channel dedicated to sewing, patchwork and quilting fans.

What channel is sewing quarter on?

Launching initially on Freeview channel 78, the Sewing Quarter will broadcast every day from 8am until 12noon, bringing together workshops and tutorials from the best designers in the business, alongside TV shopping, e-commerce, video and web content.

Which TV channel is sewing Street on?

TV show dedicated to sewing. Watch us on Freeview 72, Sky 670 or our YouTube channel.

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What happened to the sewing channel?

“It is with great regret that we have announced a proposal to close Sewing Quarter at the end of 2019. Following a review of our business portfolio, and the tough retail environment, Immediate Media Co has decided to move away from the TV shopping market.”

What is channel quilting?

Channel quilting is straight-line machine quilting that runs in parallel lines in only one direction, usually vertical. I’ve chosen channel quilting for Strip Tease because the stitching reinforces the vertical strippy layout of this design. I use the edge of the walking foot for my spacing guide, roughly 1/2″ apart.

What shopping channels are on Freeview?

Freeview HD Channels

101 BBC One HD Entertainment – HD
109 Channel 4 +1 HD Entertainment – HD
110 4seven HD Entertainment – HD
111 QVC +1 HD Shopping – HD
112 QVC Beauty HD Shopping – HD

Is there a quilting show on TV?

Find quilting patterns and projects from Love of Quilting, the popular PBS television show for quilters.

Are there any new Freeview channels coming?

If you get your fix of telly via Freeview, there are four new channels coming your way. The team at Channelbox has announced four new channels launching for Freeview viewers across the UK, including NextUp Comedy, Fido TV, Bite and Billiard TV.

Why can I not get Freeview channels?

Your aerial or aerial lead is damaged or disconnected. Your Freeview receiver could be damaged – try it on a different TV aerial (friend / family / neighbour). If it works elsewhere, it proves there’s a signal, cabling or aerial problem.

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What new channel is coming to Freeview?

Latest Bilsdale transmitter update for viewers in North East England.

Opening hours Freephone. 0800 121 4828:

Monday 09:00 – 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 – 17:00
Thursday 09:00 – 17:00
Friday 09:00 – 17:00
Saturday 09:00 – 13:00

What has happened to John Scott?

Following the closure of popular crafts show Sewing Quarter, resident presenter John Scott has joined ranks with Crafter’s TV to launch a brand-new programme, John Scott’s Sewing World.

Who owns sewing Street?

Neil Garratt – Group Managing Director Gemporia Craft (Jewellery Maker, Sewing Street, & Yarn Lane) – Gemporia Ltd | LinkedIn.

Who presents sewing Street?

Introducing our new presenter – Wendy Gardiner! Wendy will be joining Sewing Street on Thursday, and if you don’t already know who she is you can find out from 8am on Freeview 72, Sky 670 or our YouTube channel.