How do you make a standard pillow case?

How much fabric do I need for a standard pillowcase?

A finished standard pillowcase should measure about 22.5 inches by 31.5 inches, allowing for fill depth, seaming and an approximate 4-inch hem. One yard of 45-inch-wide fabric should be enough to make one standard case, if the material is preshrunk.

What fabric is best for pillow cases?

Here are the best pillowcase materials:

  • Cotton. One of the most popular pillowcase materials is cotton. …
  • Nylon. Another common pillowcase fabric, nylon is typically made to look like silk. …
  • Linen. Linen is a high quality, natural flax product that is no longer produced in quantity. …
  • Satin. …
  • Silk.

Is a standard pillowcase the same as a queen?

A Small Difference

Measuring 20-by-30 inches, queen pillows are a scant 4 inches longer than standard pillows, which measure 20-by-26 inches. You won’t need to buy bigger pillowcases, though, since standard and queen pillows fit into the same-size cases.

What is the difference between standard and queen pillowcases?

Queen size pillows measure 20 inches by 30 inches, so they are 4 inches longer than a standard pillow. These pillows are designed specifically for a longer bed, such as a queen. … One queen size pillow can also be used on a twin or twin XL bed. Most queen pillows will fit comfortably in a standard size pillowcase.

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What kind of cotton is used for pillowcases?

Most cotton pillowcases will require ironing to make them look the best. Made of 100% Egyptian Cotton: These pillowcases have the same attributes shown in a cotton pillowcase discussed above. However, Egyptian cotton comes from long staple cotton grown in Egypt and the long staple makes it very soft.

What is a good thread count for pillow cases?

According to experts, once you cross the threshold of 400, there is not much physical difference between fabrics. That means a fabric of 500 thread count will not be much different from a fabric of thread count 600. So, your goal should be to get a pillowcase that has a thread count above 400.