How do you seal wooden beads?

Finish your beads with 2 light coats of acrylic sealer. I prefer a matte-finish sealer. Allow the first coat of sealer to dry about 30 minutes to an hour before applying the second coat. Be sure to spray the beads outdoors and avoid breathing the fumes.

How do you protect wooden beads?

Carefully wipe the makeup or other residue from the beads with a clean cloth. Apply a thin coat of Mona Lisa Metal Leaf sealer with a paintbrush and let dry overnight for a glossy finish. If you prefer a matte finish, use SpectraFix™ spray-on fixative.

How do you finish wooden beads?


  1. prepare the color stain. Pour the color stain paint into a tall plastic cup up to the first line on the cup, or about 1/4 of the way full.
  2. add water. …
  3. dye the beads. …
  4. allow the beads to sit. …
  5. remove the beads to dry. …
  6. let the beads dry. …
  7. repeat the process.

How do you seal colored wood beads?

Once dyed wooden beads are dry, you can spray them with a varnish to seal and protect the color. (optional) Please note that dyed wooden beads can bleed color if they get wet even when they are sealed and protected.

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How do you oil wooden beads?

Drip about 8-10 drops of oil onto the side of the bag, seal it up and mush the bag around until the beads are evenly coated. Adding a few drops of a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil helps the oils move around a little more.

How do you take care of mala beads?


Soak the beads for some time (some suggest leaving it overnight). Use a delicate brush to scrub the beads. Leave to fully dry. After cleaning, you can also brush your mala with coconut or sandalwood oil.

How do you take care of seed beads?

How to Care for Your Fine Seed Bead Jewelry

  1. DO NOT cut thread. …
  2. DO NOT wear in the water. …
  3. Store away from direct sunlight. …
  4. Spot clean Ultra Suede backing with rubbing alcohol. …
  5. Clean jewelry with polishing cloth. …
  6. Be mindful when wearing jewelry during vigorous exercise.

Can wooden beads be dyed?

Raw wooden beads are perfect to dye because they aren’t coated, so dyes and paints will stick to the wood, whereas beads that are already varnished need to be sanded back or de-glossed first. … You’ll find below a step-by-step guide on how to dye wooden beads and some project ideas to get you inspired.

How do you bleach wood beads?

Mix about a quart of chlorine bleach (Clorox, Purex, etc.) to each gallon of water. Use a syntheticbristle brush and scrub the surface with the bleach mixture. Be sure to wear goggles—it’s easy to splash. Reapply the bleach if necessary in order to keep the surface wet for about 15 minutes.

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Can you put essential oils on wood beads?

Unpainted and uncoated wood beads and components are an acceptable material for aerial diffusion of essential oils.

How do you add essential oils to wooden beads?

Add a few drops of essential oils to one or more of the beads. Hang your wood diffuser onto a rearview mirror by placing the twine over the bar. Open the loop with your fingers, and slide the beads through the loop.