Is a 500GSM quilt warm?

Winter weight quilts – burrow down on the coldest of nights with the MiniJumbuk Thermal (500gsm) or Warm (450gsm) wool quilts. Ideal for cold sleepers, cold climates and colder homes, our winter quilt range offers maximum warmth for the coldest of nights.

What is the best GSM for quilts?

Below are examples of GSM to help you decide the best quilt for your needs:

  • 200+GSM is best for the Summer Climate.
  • 300+GSM is best for both Autumn and Spring Climates.
  • 500+GSM is best for Winter.

How many GSM is a summer quilt?

The higher the GSM, the warmer the doona filling generally feels. While not an industry standard, most brands and retailers go by the general rule of thumb below: 150-250 GSM is ideal for those after a light or ‘summer’ doona. 250-500 GSM is for more suited for autumn and spring weather.

What is the best quilt for warmth?

Light and breathable, a cotton quilt is the perfect choice for hot sleepers or warm climates. Filled with 100% high quality cotton, the quilt is also a great hypoallergenic option.

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Is a higher GSM quilt better?

It stands for grams per square metre and indicates how heavy or light weight a quilt feels. The higher the GSM, the heavier the quilt will feel!

What does GSM stand for in quilts?

GSM stands for “grams per square metre”. Seems simple enough, though it is sometimes difficult to understand how this relates directly to bedding and quilts. Basically, GSM refers to the weight of quilt fillings. Many manufacturers, including us, use GSM to help determine how heavy or warm a quilt is.

What TOG is 300gsm?

King Wool Duvet 300 gsm Lightweight 4-7 TOG. You shouldn’t have to compromise on getting the best possible night’s sleep, so we’ve worked hard to create the most luxurious, comfortable, certified 100% British wool duvets that we can make!

What does 500gsm wool mean?

500 GSM The Soother Midweight Winter Wool Quilt

Blanket Warmth Rating: 5 blanket. Blanket warmth is a quilt warmth indicator only. Wool is a breathable fibre that regulates your body temperature to help you sleep.

What is GSM in bedding?

✓ GSM is a metric measurement meaning grams per square meter- it is how much 1 square meter of fabric weighs. ✓ the higher the GSM number the denser the fabric will be Ounce per square yard (oz/sq2) is the imperial measurement which is also commonly used.

What is the best Doona for winter?

Feather and down or microfibre quilts will retain heat by providing warm insulation so you’re best to avoid them. If you’re a cold sleeper, choose feather and down, microfibre or wool. Feather and down and microfibre quilts retain a lot of heat, making them great for winter.

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How do I choose a good doona?

If you like the feel of a heavier quilt, then choose a weightier doona but remember that a heavier weight doesn’t automatically mean a high warmth rating. Similarly, a lightweight quilt won’t automatically be a cooler option for summer. Look at the weight and the warmth rating when making your choice.

What’s the difference between a quilt and a doona?

The term ‘quilt cover’ is interchangeable with ‘duvet cover’ or ‘doona cover’. So, a quilt cover, duvet cover, and doona cover are all names for the same thing. There is no difference between them. All are able to have a duvet or doona inserted and all will most often come as part of a set with matching pillowcases.

What is the warmest quilt for winter?

As a rule of thumb, down and feather quilt fillings sourced from birds native to colder countries (like Northern Europe or Canada) have the highest warmth ratings.

How do you pick a GSM quilt?

GSM refers to grams per square metre, and measures how thick the quilt is and how warm it will keep you. Where possible, it’s ideal to have a 150 to 350 GSM quilt for the warmer months, and a 500 to 700 GSM quilt for winter.

What does 250gsm comforter mean?

GMS stands for grams per square meter. The higher the number the fluffier the comforter. This comforter is one of the fluffiest, warmest and probably the most beautiful one I’ve ever owned. Rhonda Spellman.

What is the best quilt to buy in Australia?


  • Best Bamboo Quilt: Ettitude.
  • Best Tencel Quilt: Bambi.
  • Best Poly Quilt: Sheridan.
  • Best for Allergy Quilt: Tontine.
  • Best Goose Quilt #1: Adairs.
  • Best Goose Quilt #2: Bed Bath N’ Table.
  • Best Cotton Quilt: PureZone.
  • Best Silk Quilt: BeddingCo.
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