What does EPP stand for in quilting?

English paper piecing (EPP) involves stabilizing fabric pieces with paper before sewing them into intricate designs.

What is the difference between foundation piecing and paper piecing?

Both techniques are used to make quilts or patchwork and quilting projects like cushions, pouches and bags. They are also both scrap friendly quilting techniques but foundation piecing is done by machine, and you cannot reuse the paper, English paper piecing is done by hand and you can reuse your templates.

What do quilters use freezer paper for?

The freezer paper is used as the guide for needleturning the seam allowance under. No marking is done on the fabric, and the paper is removed once the appliqué is complete. See photo B. Iron the freezer paper circle to the wrong side of the fabric.

What is the difference between EPP and FPP?

FPP vs. EPP? … Foundation Paper Piecing is sewn on a machine and English Paper Piecing is done by hand. FPP allows you to make blocks that appear complicated, but in reality are very simple.

What is EPP sewing?

English paper piecing (EPP) involves stabilizing fabric pieces with paper before sewing them into intricate designs. It is most effective for shapes that do not have long straight sides and will require numerous set-in corners, such as hexagons.

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What is EPP project?

The Sunflower is an English Paper Piecing (EPP) project in the Farmland Series. … English Paper Piecing is a technique where fabric is wrapped around paper templates and secured with basting stitches or glue. The pieces are then sewn together by hand with a tiny whip stitch or ladder stitch.

What is hand quilting?

Hand quilting is the method of sewing together the three layers of a quilt (the backing, the batting, and the top) in patterns of hand sewn stitches. It’s certainly not fast, but it is stunningly beautiful.

What are the types of quilting?

There are four basic types of quilting, though there are all sorts of patterns that use more than one of these techniques. Our four basic types of quilts are: Pieced, Appliquéd, Paper Pieced, and English Paper Pieced.

How do you baste EPP squares?

Secure your paper piece to your fabric with a pin to stop it moving while you sew. Then holding the two pieces together, fold the edges of the fabric over the square, securing them all the way around with a tacking stitch (a long running stitch). This is called basting.

What is fussy cut in quilting?

The term “Fussy Cutting” simply means to intentionally cut a piece of fabric that features a specific detail or image, leaving nothing to chance. It’s not the most economical way to cut fabric, but we quilters know…

How do you pick fabric for a quilt?

5 Tips for Picking Quilt Fabric

  1. Tip 1: Pick a pre-cut.
  2. Tip 2: Stick with one designer.
  3. Tip 3: Mind the fabric print scale.
  4. Tip 4: Choose fabric that you LOVE.
  5. Tip 5: Use GO! Quilt.
  6. Choose your project.
  7. Time to color your project.
  8. Don’t be afraid to try more variations.
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