What does tab mean in knitting?

Garter tabs are used to knit shawls when you want your garter stitch edge to be continuous. You start at the center of the shawl and you knit the garter stitch edge in both directions.

How do you turn your knitting 90 degrees and pick up stitches?

Turn your work 90 degrees clockwise and pick up one stitch in each of the garter ridges that you created. Insert your working needle in the edge of the garter ridge and knit into the stitch. Turn your work again 90 degrees clockwise and pick up three stitches along the edge.

What is the best cast on for garter stitch?

German twisted cast-on

Also known as the old Norwegian cast-on. It is stretchy and makes a good pair with garter stitch.

What is a garter tab cast on in knitting?

A garter-tab cast-on is recommended, as this technique creates a small rectangle of garter stitch, which blends seamlessly with the garter stitch edging which forms the top horizontal line of the shawl. It is a bit more work than just casting on stitches normally, but the results are worth the extra effort.

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