What does width of fabric mean in quilting?

What is considered the width of fabric?

The width of the fabric or WOF refers to the distance between the outermost warp threads. When you manufacture fabric on a loom, there are threads running in two directions, the warp and the weft. … This is because you generally aren’t using pattern pieces to cut out quilt fabric.

Is the selvage the width or length?

How to See Selvage Edges. Quilting fabrics are usually 42 to 44 inches wide when measured across their width from selvage to selvage. It is easy to see the selvage edges, although they often change in appearance along their lengths.

What is Subcut in quilting?

Subcut: Cutting an already cut piece into many smaller pieces.

What can I do with fabric selvages?

25+ Amazing Fabric Selvage Projects

  1. Armrest pincushion.
  2. Armchair makeover.
  3. Christmas pillow.
  4. Christmas tree.
  5. Dresser makeover.
  6. Extreme lamp makeover.
  7. Framed selvages.
  8. Funky chicken pincushion.

Does it matter which way you cut fabric?

The fabric grain is important because it determines how your garment should be cut and whether or not your garment will hang correctly on your body after it’s sewn. Fabric grain is straight when the cross grain is at a right angle to the straight grain.

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What is fabric length and width?

Fabric passes through between measuring and pressure roller and the length indicate on the counter. Fabric Width. Fabric width is the distance from one selvedge to the other, measured perpendicular to the length of the fabric.

Do you cut Selvage?

The selvage edges of fabric are sometimes printed, as in this example, and sometimes not as in most batiks. Nevertheless, you should cut them off and not use them in your patchwork piecing. … Even though it may be tempting to leave the selvage intact when you are piecing the backing of a quilt, it’s best to remove them.

Is fabric on the bolt right side out?

If the fabric was wrapped on the bolt but then also draped, where they bring the end of the fabric over the top of the bolt, then this means that when the fabric was folded, the right side of the fabric is on the inside.

What does 60 mean with fabric?

This doesn’t mean the quality is bad by any means, it just means that there are less threads per square inch. The 60 x 60 means there are 60 threads going horizontally and 60 threads going vertically to form a solid weave. Generally speaking the more threads the better quality or softer the fabric.

How wide is a bolt of cotton fabric?

Generally speaking, one bolt represents a strip of cloth 100 yards (91.44 meters) long, but the width varies according to the fabric. Cotton bolts are traditionally 42 inches (1.067 meters) wide and wool bolts are usually 60 inches (1.524 meters) wide.

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