What is the role of yarn tensioning in winding process?

In winding process; yarns are transferred from one package to another. During winding process; the tension of the yarns should be in controlled, otherwise yarn breakage will be increased for high tension or low tension will hampered the winding operation. … Tensioning device is used to control the tension of the yarn.

What is yarn tensioner?

KARL MAYER’s yarn tensioners ensure a constant yarn tension over the entire length and width of the warp, just from the first to the last meter. Textiles intended for special applications require highest efficiency and best quality already when producing the warps. …

What are the factors to change yarn tension during winding?

Besides the change in the position of unwinding from top to bottom, an improperly set breakage lever, a rough bobbin surface, accumulation of fluff in the tensioning device, cuts in yarn guides, etc., are other important causes of tension variation.

What are the factors considered for choosing a yarn tensioner?

Processing speeds, number of ends running, travel distance, desired tension range other factors must be considered to make the best choice for your application.

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Why winding process is essential for weaving?

Why is winding of yarns important? … Yarn winding removes various kinds of faults present in the yarn, such as slubs, hairiness, and neps. Winding the yarns helps to empty spinner’s bobbin so that it can be used again, and also to increase the efficiency of yarn for the next processes; thus increasing productivity.

What is tensioning device?

Tensioning device is used to control the tension of the yarn. If the yarns are irregular or thick or thin place is in yarn then it have chance to break down due to over tension. Effects of tensioning device: During winding, tension is applied on the yarn stand. Tension may be high or low.

What is yarn creel?

The place where yarns are positioned either on or off the knitting machine, so that yarn can be delivered to the knitting cycle.

What is Cadratex unit?

22 9 The Cadratex unit The Cadratex unit replaces the conventional spreader with two complementary elements, one inside and the other outside the fabric tube, that cause the tube to adopt a square cross-section and then a gradually flatter configuration but of constant circumference, right into the nip of the take-down …

Which cam is used for upward movement of the needle?

(2.12) shows the simplest cam design. The upward movement of the needle is obtained by the rising cams or clearing cams. The rising cam places the needle at a certain level as it approaches the yarn area. Cams controlling the downward movement of the needles are called stitch cams.

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Why is a yarn guide important for weaving operations?

Yarn guides are the one of the helping instrument to control the yarn path. Yarn guides are required to perform the winding or unwinding process properly. … Yarn guides are used during winding, warping, beaming and weaving process. In winding and unwinding it is necessary to control the yarn path.

What is the purpose of winding?

Winding is the process of transferring yarn or thread from one type of package to another to type of package. Winding is one of the most important operations in the textile sector. It is mainly done in the spinning mill. Rewinding is also an important operation in the fabric manufacturing factory.

Do you think winding process is most important for yarn preparation?

In fabric manufacturing, directly winding is not so much important, but rewinding is so important. The creation of large yarn packages that can be easily unwound, is called winding. This makes using the yarn on subsequent machines both easier and more economical.