You asked: What is the plural of weave?

weave. Plural. weaves. The plural form of weave; more than one (kind of) weave.

What is the plural of weaving?

The noun weaving can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be weaving. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be weavings e.g. in reference to various types of weavings or a collection of weavings.

What is the past tense of weaves?

Word forms: weaves, weaving, wove, wovenlanguage note: The form weaved is used for the past tense and past participle for meaning [sense 3]. If you weave cloth or a carpet, you make it by crossing threads over and under each other using a frame or machine called a loom.

Are woven or weaved?

Weaved and woven are both correct conjugations of weave. The only difference is context, namely, how you are using the verb. If you are describing threads stitched together into fabric, choose woven.

Is woven the past tense of weave?

◊ Wove is the usual past tense and woven the usual past participle for senses 1, 2, and 4. Weaved is the usual past tense and past participle for sense 3. She weaves cloth on her loom.

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What is the third person singular of weave?

Answer. The past tense of weave is weaved or wove. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of weave is weaves. The present participle of weave is weaving.

What does woven together mean?

1 to form (a fabric) by interlacing (yarn, etc.), esp. on a loom. 2 tr to make or construct by such a process.

Is past participle?

The present tense – base verb. The present participle. The past tense form. The past participle form.

11 Past participle forms.

Present tense form Past tense Past participle
Strong/Irregular verbs
be (is/am/are) was/were been
bear (bring out) bore born

What weaved means?

1 : to move back and forth, up and down, or in and out She weaved through the crowd. 2 : to form (as cloth) by lacing together strands of material.

What is bob and weave?

In boxing, bobbing and weaving is a defensive technique that moves the head both beneath and laterally of an incoming punch. As the opponent’s punch arrives, the fighter bends the legs quickly and simultaneously shifts the body either slightly right or left.

What does dodge and weave mean?

1 to avoid or attempt to avoid (a blow, discovery, etc.), as by moving suddenly. 2 to evade (questions, etc.)

What is the past participle of fly?

the base form, which you would find in the infinitive: to fly. the third-person, singular, present tense: he flies. the third-person past tense: he flew. and the past participle: he has flown.

What is the past tense of shake?

The verb shake takes as its standard past tense form shook (“he shook my hand”) and, in most instances, shaken as its standard past participle “she had shaken her husband awake”). The bartender had shaken the cocktail to perfection.

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