How do you make a stitch box?

How do you start a Rexlace?

Start by finding the centers of the Rexlace strands by folding them in half, then cross the contrasting strands to make an “X.” Fig. 2- To follow along, number or letter each strand to make the directions easier. If you don’t number or letter the strands, begin with the lightest color, to help you follow along.

What is a box stitch in sewing?

The box X stitch is a reinforcing stitch that is used frequently in making outdoor gear. It is primarily used to attach webbing straps to fabric or for making loops in webbing, although it has other uses as well. You will find it called out in some Stitchback patterns.

How do you make a lanyard stitch?

The box stitch, or square stitch, is the basic standard for many complicated lanyard stitches. Cross two strands of lanyard in the middle, make a loop with each end of the bottom strand (crossing over the top strand), weave the other two strands over and under the loops and pull the stitch tight.

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