Frequent question: How do you rejoin yarn from a holder?

How do you join yarn when picking up stitches?

When we say to pick up and knit, we mean to use yarn to “knit up” stitches along the edge. You are to grab the stitch (or some other loop) at the edge of the work with the working needle, wrap the working yarn around it, and pull the yarn through, completing it like a normal stitch.

What is magic loop method in knitting?

The magic loop method is way of creating pieces with small circumferences (think sweater sleeves or socks) by using just one long, circular needle. It can be done on any needle size with a cable length of at least 32″ or more, so try out a few lengths to find the one that works the best for you.

How do you use a double ended stitch holder?


  1. Remove either end cap of the Double-Ended Stitch Holder.
  2. Once removed, insert the cap to the opposite end of the holder.
  3. Slip the stitches onto the holder.
  4. Unhook the end cap to close.
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