How do you make lined rod pocket curtains?

How much fullness do you need for rod pocket curtains?

For fullness, multiply the width (rod length or window width, plus the 6-8″ extra for rod extension) by the desired fullness. We recommend two times the fullness.

How do you make rod pocket curtains without sewing?

Instead, you can just glue your project together with a hot glue gun. Clips and clip rings, mini-clip rings, and safety pins make quick changes easy, and you don’t even have to sew a rod sleeve (that little pocket of fabric at the top of a treatment where you push the rod through).

How do you make curtain rod sleeves?

Take the measurement from the width of the curtain rod and add a ½ inch. Pin the fabric at this measurement and sew across the top. On the long sides of the fabric, sew with a straight stitch a ½ inch seam, leaving the top pocket open on both sides. This will create your curtain rod sleeve.

How wide should a rod pocket be?

Types of Curtain Rods

Curtain Pocket Size Rod Diameter
1 ¼ Inch – 1 ½ Inch Pocket ¾ Inch Rod
1 ¾ Inch Pocket ¾ Inch Rod
2 Inch Pocket 1 Inch Rod
2 ½ Inch Pocket 1 ¼ Inch Rod
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What is curtain rod pocket?

The most classic and common of all methods of hanging drapery, a rod pocket is a sewn-in pocket, or casing, at the top of a drapery panel that easily slips over a rod and conceals it. Drapery panels hung this way bunch nicely and have a simple, casual look.

How do you calculate lining for curtains?

To calculate the Lining Cut Drop: Lining Cut Drop* = Finished Curtain Length + 5cm Heading Allowance + Lining Hem Allowance.

Does curtain length include rod pocket?

Measure from the top of the curtain rod down to where you want the curtain to fall. The length of the curtain includes the rod pocket, but not the heading.

How much wider should curtains be than the window?

How wide should curtains be? To ensure that curtain panels look ample when closed, they should have a combined width that is 2 to 2.5 times the width of the window/rod.