How do you sew Raggedy Ann hair?

How do you put yarn hair on a puppet?

Give your puppet some hair!

  1. What you’ll need.
  2. Decide how long you want the hair to be.
  3. Fold the yarn back at the center of the head.
  4. Keep folding the yarn back and forth until you have a nice pile.
  5. Cut all the loops at one end.
  6. It should look like this.
  7. Lay the hair on the puppet.

What kind of yarn do you use for doll hair?

A fluffy yarn to create a soft, brushed hair style. 78% mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon. 50 gram, 1.78 oz. pull out skein is approximately 110 yards, plenty to make long hair for a doll.

How do you make hair crafts?


  1. 1Prepare the yarn. Prepare the colors of yarn you’d like to use to make the hair.
  2. 2Wound the yarn around a board. …
  3. To create long yarn hair, I used an 18″ long cutting mat to wound the yarn around. …
  4. 3Remove the yarn from the board. …
  5. 4Tie around the middle. …
  6. 5Cut at the ends. …
  7. 7Use for crafts.

What do they use for doll hair?

Yarn hair is often used on fabric and knitted dolls. It will match with the doll’s appearance and will be easier to stick on the doll’s head. Synthetic hair is what you see on most collectible dolls, and plastic dolls like Barbie dolls. It looks like real human hair but is synthetic material.

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