Question: How do you make a pillow pom pom trim?

Using a ruler and pen or pencil, mark a line every 1 1/4″ on the right side of the pillow front. Sew one length of pom trim on each line, placing the trim directly over the line to cover it. For this step, use a zig-zag stitch and thread to match your trim. Keep going till all the trim is attached!

How do you make a pom pom trim on a skirt?

Attach the pom pom trim along the bottom of one of the pieces of fabric. Attach the pom poms so they are facing upside down. With right sides together sew the fabric together down the short side. Repeat this step with the other piece of fabric.

How do you attach pom poms to fabric?

Another option for adhering your pom poms to your fabric is by using felt glue. Add a generous amount to the back side of each pom pom and set it down on your grid. Allow to dry for 3-4 hours before handling it and stitching your pillow together. These will stay on well if the pillow isn’t getting tons of rough use.

Can you wash pom pom trim?

Pre-wash and dry a sample of any trim that you plan on using in a quilt to ensure that it can stand up to being laundered. Wash pom pom trim as infrequently as possible. Not all pom pom trim is of equal quality and it would be such a bummer if your trim fell apart after the first wash!

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How do you put trim on curtains?

DIY: Adding Trim to Drapes and Curtains ~ A quick review:

  1. Purchasing Two Panels per side for a Fuller Look.
  2. Add fringe – either touch the floor or just above.
  3. Consider Lively Details Pom Poms, Buttons, Tassels – sew or hot glue in place.
  4. Attach Decorative Trim – sew or hot glue in place.
  5. Use Drapery Clips for Hanging.