Quick Answer: Who is Samara Weaving parents?

Самара Уивинг

Who is Samara weavings father?

Weaving was born in Adelaide on 23 February 1992, the daughter of an English father, Simon Weaving, and Maltese mother, Helena Bezzina.

Who is Samara Weaving mother?

Trivia (5) Niece of Hugo Weaving and Anna Weaving. Born in Adelaide, but grew up in Singapore, Fiji and Indonesia. Daughter of Helena Bezzina, an art therapist, and Simon Weaving, a filmmaker and professor.

Are Samara Weaving and Hugo Weaving related?

She was born in Adelaide, Australia.

She also has some fellow actors in the family. Her uncle is Lord of the Rings and Transformers actor Hugo Weaving.

Who is Hugo weavings daughter?

Холли Уивинг
Хьюго Уоллес Уивинг/Дочери
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