What does CR mean in crochet?

1Decide where you want to place the crossed double crochet stitch and skip a stitch at that point in the row.

What is triple crochet?

A treble crochet (sometimes called triple crochet) is taller than a double crochet and is made by working two yarn overs at the start of the stitch, instead of one yarn over as for double crochet. It is abbreviated tr.

What does XDC mean in crochet?

The crossed double crochet stitch (xdc) is one of my personal favorite stitches.

What does TRC mean in crochet?

Treble crochet (abbreviated trc) is a one of the basic crochet stitches.

What stitch does Amigurumi use?

Single crochet (sc) stitch and/or its variations, are the single most used stitch in crochet amigurumi, Wayuu bags, tapestry crochet.

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