What is inject yarn?

Injected slub yarn is a kind of fancy yarn with special structure developed by injection of coloured or different types of fibres. Effect yarns produce an enhanced aesthetic impression as well as ornamentation in the fabric.

What is injected fabric?

Injection Slub is a revolutionary invention in spinning in which a colored fiber is injected in the plain yarn which gives an attractive look to the fabric. Injection slubs is an innovative slub. System for basic injection slub yarn at an economical price.

What is Siro yarn?

Siro Yarn is made with a process of Siro Spinning or Elitwist spinning. In this, the yarn is made into 2 ply on the ring spinning machine. There are lot of benefits of Siro spinned yarns. Siro Yarns are available in Carded, Combed, Carded Compact and combed Compact.

What is SS yarn?

The name of SS Twisting polyester twisted yarn is well distinguished in the local and global market. Our company has the capacity to process 1600 kgs/day yarn. We only use branded imported Japanese machines to maintain top notch quality.

What is a mixture yarn?

blending, in yarn production, process of combining fibres of different origins, length, thickness, or colour to make yarn. … Fabrics made from such fibres are called blends. Blending also refers to the process of combining small amounts of the same fibre taken from different lots to achieve a uniform result.

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What is slub yarn?

Definition of slub yarn

: a yarn with thick and thin sections alternating regularly or irregularly — compare slub.

What is ply yarn?

Ply, plied, or folded, yarns are composed of two or more single yarns twisted together. Two-ply yarn, for example, is composed of two single strands; three-ply yarn is composed of three single strands.

What is spinning triangle?

The spinning triangle is a critical region in the spinning process of staple yarn. Its geometry influences the distribution of fiber tension at spinning triangle directly and affects the qualities of spun yarns. … Spinning triangle division is one of the most effective measures, such as solospun technology.

What is Eli twist yarn?

EliTwist from Suessen combines compact spinning and twisting of a yarn in a single operation. With this very cost-effective spinning method, a two-ply compact yarn with identical direction of twist in both yarn legs is directly produced by the ring spinning machine.

What is weaving used for?

Weaving is a type of fabric construction where two sets of threads, the warp and the weft, interlace at right angles to create cloth suitable for a variety of functions. Weaving is done on a loom, which holds the warp threads under tension allowing them to be intersected by the weft.

What is the difference between a blended yarn and a mixture?

Spun blend yarns: Fibres from two or more textile sources are spun into a yarn. Spun blends may be of equal or unequal fibre percentages. Blended ply yarns: Different fibre yarns are twisted together to form one yarn. Mixture/Combination Yarn: Yarn utilizing two or more different types of different fibre contents.

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How do you classify yarn?

The three basic classifications of textile yarn include staple fiber yarn, which uses mostly short natural fibers to make yarn; ply yarns, which involve one or more strands of staple fiber yarn wound together; and filament yarn, which is wound from one or more long continuous filaments.