What paint is best for a barn quilt?

Paint – Outdoor house paint works really well for barn quilts. It’s meant to be outdoors and should hold up to the sun, rain, wind and snow. It’s also thick enough to fill in any gaps in the plywood. I had small sample jars made in my colors and I had about half a jar of each left at the end.

What kind of paint do you use on a barn quilt?

You can use a good-quality exterior latex paint. The more coats you put on, the longer it will last. You will also need more of your primer paint, but smaller quantities of your design colors. My barn quilt paint looks chalky after hanging forv1 year.

How do you paint a barn quilt?


  1. Find a quilt pattern that you’d enjoy painting for your home. …
  2. Paint the entire board the predominant color that it will be. …
  3. Next draw the quilt pattern onto your board. …
  4. Mark each of the marked areas with the color that it will be painted. …
  5. Time to start painting. …
  6. Edge and hang the quilt (optional).
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What do you seal a barn quilt with?

What Do You Use to Seal a Barn Quilt? The sealer depends on the type of paint you use. For example, I use “weatherproof” acrylic paint. Now it may say “weatherproof,” but I also recommend using polyacrylic or water-based polyurethane just to be safe.

Do barn quilts need to be sealed?

Do not put a sealer or varnish on the barn quilt. Varnish will turn the colors yellow, and a sealer of any kind will prevent retouching, which you may want to do at some point. Mounting: Mounting the barn quilt is not included in this guideline.

Can you paint a quilt?

Painting on fabric is a great surface design technique to use when making gifts for friends and family. Regular acrylic paints can be used on fabric with the addition of fabric medium. …

How do you paint a barn?

Barn paint is typically applied with a sprayer. Brush the paint into the wood by hand after spraying to increase the paint seal. Mask off windows, roofing, and other unpainted areas to prevent overspray. When painting, start at a corner and work in one direction, applying smooth coats one section at a time.

Why are quilt patterns painted on barns?

Barn quilts began as a way to honor a loved one with a gorgeous piece of folk art. … In Adams County, Ohio, in 2001, Donna Sue Groves set out to honor her mother, Maxine, and her quilt art by painting a quilt block on her tobacco barn. The idea was a hit, and soon friends and neighbors wanted painted quilts of their own.

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What are barn quilts made out of?

A Barn Quilt is a large piece of wood painted to look like a quilt block and hung on the exterior of a barn, house, garage or other building. The majority of Barn Quilts are made of solid colors and comprised of simple geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles.

What does a quilt square mean on a barn?

Some of the squares, like Groves’, are created to honor or remember a quilter. Parron related the story of one woman who created a barn quilt in the Dutch doll design that had special meaning for her mother.

What kind of plywood do you use for a barn quilt?

Just about any type of plywood can be used for making a barn quilt, but you will get the best results out of working with a smooth surfaced plywood, like signboard. If you can’t get a signboard, then a sanded softwood plywood or MDF (medium-density fiberboard) will work almost as good.

How much do barn quilts cost?

3. What does it cost to have a barn quilt? The average cost is $350 which is for an 8′ X 8′ block. Depending on the size of the barn and distance from a public road, the block may be smaller or larger.

How do you choose a barn quilt?

Choose Colours

  1. Choose bold, vibrant primary colours. Muted earth colours disappear on the side of the barn.
  2. Limit the number of colours per barn quilt block. …
  3. Avoid natural autumn colors (grey, beige, muted tones).
  4. Sometimes geometric shapes need to be outlined with a black band.
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